Baby Room

Our most important aim in the Creche is to poduce happy, secure, confident children with enquiring minds. Every baby within our nursery unit will have the opportunity to:

1. Play as a happy member of a group in a secure and exciting environment.
2. Talk and listen to adults and children.
3. Become self confident and have a good self image.
4. Build upon strengths/looking at what he/she can do.
5. Experience the world through his/her senses

Areas of Learning

In the Nursery unit our close observation of your child helps us to monitor his/her progress and provide an appropriate pogramme of play activities specifically geared to suit your child's individual needs.

By ongoing assessments we can then povide additional help for those who may need it or provide new challenges for those who have already reached their goals.

Babies in Holy Family Crèche begin to:

  • Develop an understanding and awareness of themselves as individuals
  • Learn they can create cause and effect
  • Understand that experiences can be shared with others
  • Have a strong impulse for exploration
  • Feel safe and secure within relationships and with key people
  • Sustain healthy emotional attachments through familiar trusting, safe and secure relationships
  • Communicate in a variety of ways including crying, gurgling, babbling and squealing
  • Increasingly experiment, using sounds and words to represent objects around them
  • Respond and develop as they learn to anticipate and join in finger play
  • Move arms and legs and increasingly us them to reach for, grasp and manipulate
  • Engage in sensory exploration, mark and marking using gloop, paint and thick crayons
  • Develop an awareness of shape form and texture, as they encounter people and things in the environment