Child Development & Curriculum Programmes

Holy Family Creche operates the High/Scope educational curriculum, which is an empirically proven method, designed to improve desirable learning outcomes for children.

A central tenet of this approach is that children learn through doing, making choices and engaging in active learning experiences and problem solving opportunities.

The staff within the setting offer adult support and help “scaffold” and extend children’s learning by acting a play partners and sharing control.

Within the High/Scope framework you cannot “teach” or “work with the children” unless you have a growing understanding of their learning and development needs and it is only possible to build a full and accurate picture of this by standing back and watching them in action. Observation is an integral part of the work of the early year’s practioner within the service. It forms the basis of the assessment and planning cycle because it puts the child at the start of the process.

The curriculum is based around strengths, abilities and genuine interests of children, which are gauged through ongoing anecdotal observations, then incorporated into individualised learning plans.

Parent Staff relationships

HFPCC recognises the importance of creating partnership approach with parents, this is a fundamental and integral principle in delivering A high quality service. To achieve this objective, a positive relationship is cultured from the initial enquiry state through to the child’s exit to school.

HFPCC actively encourages parental participation and input by

  • Having parental representation on the board of Management.
  • Taking feedback from parents from a triangulation of sources and gearing the service to suit their needs.
  • Giving both formal and informal feedback to parents on the development and progress of their children.
  • Operating a parental suggestion box.
  • Incorporating parental requests into our menus.
  • Operating the cook it programme for parents – training course.
  • Holding regular events and outings including open days and Pre school Graduations.
  • Celebrating the diverse nature of the families who attend the service through taste fests and encouraging parents to submit information to the Creche to inform and educate.
  • Producing literature and information in a multi lingual format.
  • Representing children’s home life through photographs, real objects and items from home.
  • Tailoring our settling procedures to meet the needs of the children and families.
  • Being family friendly in offering flexibility and being responsive to individuals needs.
  • Whenever a developmental delay is expected, close liaison with parents and multi disciplinary teams to achieve best outcomes for children.

HFPCC has attend the Customer Excellence for Louth with the Dundalk Chamber of Commerce.