As Darragh draws close to the end of his time in the HFCC, we cannot help but notice the immeasurable confidence and strong sense of worth he has gained. What a great start for a young child who is starting school. We firmly believe that the care and encouragement our child has received from this crèche for the last four years has had a large part to pay in helping this child reach his true potential. This graduation day however is extra special, as it marks not just for Darragh moving on to school but the end of an era for our family. For thirteen years, I have been coming here with my four of my five children and have seen many changes but always getting constant care. Our children have fond memories of staff members they met in the course of the time they spent there and always keen to go back to say hello. In fact, it is fair to say I owe my working life for most years of the service, as without the flexibility and affordability of the service that supported me from a CE scheme through my present employment. With this in mind from the bottom of the mannings family’s hearts I say a great big thank you and wish your service prosperity and success for the future.

Sharon Manning

The Creche was such a big part of Dearbhla’s early years. Dearbhla first attended at 4 months old. She was looked after and cared for by the staff who treated each child as their own. Time flew by, Dearbhla crawled, walked & talked all the time getting great encouragement from all the staff. The staffs were an extension of her family. As time went on Dearbhla came home talking about her friends: Maire, Hannagh, Nicole, 2 Johns & Amy to name but a few. Then depending on what day of the week it was, she had alternative boyfriends, Dylan ONeill, James Joyce, & the newest addition Marco. Now in Claddagh’s Treasures she calls all the staff her teachers. I think this is very apt, These brilliant women are teaching our children independence, right from wrong to care & share & to play nice with each other. Dearbhla will miss her friends & staff from the Creche but she will take valuable lessons learnt & good memories of her time here. For us, as Dearbhla’s parents, we are grateful now & always will be for the great start she was given by all the staff. Too many to mention but all of you know who you are.
Thank you

Antoinette Tinnelly

Maire has spent many memorable & fond times in the HFPCC. She has developed in many way’s & become her own person. She loves going to the Creche & it has been a wonderful start in life for her. The kindness & dedication from the staff has been very special. She speaks of all the great times she has with her friends and staff. Thank you to all who have put Maire on the right road in life. It has been a pleasure for her to attend such a special place. She will keen the fond memories in her heart forever.

Irenaeus & Michael Daly