Toddler Room


  • Provides a wide range of opportunities for toddlers to explore, investigate and learn in a safe stimulating place.
  • Encourages Toddlers to paint, draw and engage in a wide range of creative activities.
  • Promotes independant learning, social skills and personal development essential for all toddlers.
  • Acknowledges the physical development needs of the Toddler encouraging both indoor and outdoor play.

The Staff

  • The Staff team works closely with the parent's support to care for your child's individual needs.
  • The staff are experienced with a variety of skills and qualifications to meet the needs of toddlers.
  • Ongoing training is provided for the staff in the High/Scope Curriculum.

The Routine

  • Children engage in enjoyable active learnng experiences throughout the session.
  • Children and adults play, talk and learn together as partners.
  • Through play children learn about social relationship, the world around them, maths, science and technology, reasoning and language.